Renew My Cert

How This Works...

Renew your CWI 9-year or any ICC license(s).

All online...

No missing work...

No time limit to finish...

No travel cost...

No missing family or personal time.

If you can get the internet - You can watch the seminar


9 Year CWI Renewal.


80 personal development hours (PDH) will be achieved...


Up till now, you had the following (3) choices:


1. Attend a week long seminar,


2. Complete the Part B (hands-on) examination - a passing score is required, or you must retake and pass the original (6) hour CWI examination,


3. Do nothing and lose your CWI license…


Penalty of choice #1. After missing a week of work...Travel/ hotel expenses...Seminar cost...This choice could run up to $5,000.00.


Penalty of choice #2. Brings the unnecessary pressure of finding time and cost of the study material to pass the hands-on examination...All between work and family restraints...Not to mention, just think what happens if you DO NOT PASS the examination!


Penalty of choice #3. Could you really afford what choice #3 brings... the lost wages by not being a worldwide recognized AWS Certified Welding Inspector.


All this for just $499.00...




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ICC Program.


Beginning in 2015...Minimum required CEUs will be reduced for some categories and increased for some other categories...Also, 20 percent of CEUs must be earned from training by ICC or ICC’s Preferred Provider Network (PPN)...

Why is ICC making these changes?

#1. To strengthen the credibility of the ICC Certification program. Most entities that require or prefer ICC certification expect certified individuals will obtain credible and quality continuing education with a certain level of oversight. The current plan in place does not guarantee this outcome; the changes will address quality expectations and create a more robust recertification program.

#2. To fill the gaps in ICC training. ICC will partner with quality training providers offering material outside ICC’s core areas, thus expanding the quantity and diversity of training offerings.

#3. To reflect implementation of cdpACESS. Participation will now be an additional option for accrual of continuing education units [CEUs]. 

We are an ICC "Preferred Provider"...

We have the best priced programs being offered anywhere...

Others charge 4 to 8x more, while wanting you to miss work!

Who can afford that?

Both the cost of missed wages and finding someone to take over your project without screwing it all up...  


ICC Renewal Costs

One Certification...$100.00 

2 to 5 Certifications...$199.00

6 to 11 Certifications or Master Code Professional...$299.00

Certified Building Official or Certified Fire Marshall...$399.00



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